About us - iFit WORLD Adventure Travel


Ifit World is a small business that promotes wellness and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Founder, Mr. Bruce Nisha who is also a photographer, started hiking in 2010 and naturally, documented his various journeys through the forests of Trinidad and Tobago. In the following years, a team was set up which spread operations to the Caribbean market to also explore and cover events and carnival celebrations. In 2014, the team further expanded to further Caribbean islands as well as the United States of America.

As individuals with a yearning for travel and discovering new territories, the team toured and explored the wonders of each country visited documenting same.

Ifit World became the meeting place for persons with a passion for fitness, photography, travel and adventure. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by fusing same with travel which allows one’s mind and body to grow an appreciation for the joys of life.

Who are we?

Our team consists of photographers, cinematographers, fitness instructors, yoga instructors,  members of the defence force, coast guard, first responders,  drivers, welders and fabricators, administrative personnel, masseuse therapists,  geophysicist, international travelers, clothing designers and marketing  representatives. We have come together to provide a wide range of services to the consumers need from individual to corporate.

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